Perrysburg House Wash


Your home and property are probably one of if not your largest investment in your lifetime, so it’s well worth the time and effort to maintain its value. The weather here in the mid-west can take its toll on your home and its property value. House Washing thru Pressure Washing and Soft Washing can improve your homes appearance, health, and value. You might not have noticed the sun bleaching the siding, the calcium stains, the growing mold, algae, or moss on your roof. But the task of keeping the exterior clean, however, can be an overwhelming chore.

We take the time needed to get the job done right and ensure the quality of our work in the process. You’re never going to find a harder working group of professionals in your entire life. Here’s a list of what makes us unique for your pressure washing project:

Customized Approach: Your home is unique, so a cookie-cutter approach probably won’t work. That’s why we develop a new plan unique to your house’s needs.

Eco-Friendly Materials: Whether it be our detergent solutions or our wide selection of scented surfactant with PH balance, we care about nature just as much as we care about your satisfaction.

Expertise and Experience: We run a tight ship, which is due to years of experience tackling some of the (literally) stickiest situations you can imagine. Nothing surprises us.

Higher Selling Prices: We have a very strong relationship with real-estate brokers because a clean house is a house that sells very well. If you’re even considering a sale, we’d love to help you profit!

No Hassle: While we understand folks who love to get their hands dirty, the DIY approach isn’t for everybody. You let dentists clean your teeth, let us clean your house.

Convenient Schedule: We get what a hassle it is to wait at home all day for a service person. We’re not like that – schedule a time that works best for YOU and we’ll accommodate. You deserve the most courteous house washing Dallas has to offer.

Mold Control: A dirty house is a breeding ground for mold which launches spores into the air. While these spores aren’t likely to be fatal, they’re especially harmful to children, elders, and allergy sufferers.

Cheapest Route: We already have access to all the specialized equipment and materials needed for the job. You never have to buy it yourself.

Whether you need us to pressure wash your brick home, a small outbuilding, driveway, sidewalk, deck or soft wash your homes siding, J’s Pressure Washing LLC can do it all. As one of the best pressure washing companies in the Toledo area, we have skilled professionals who’ve been in the pressure washing business for years, making them prepared for any project big or small.